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Pet Stories: In Your Own Words

How I Got My Kitty

By: Susan Lemme

The story of how I got my cat Emi (short for Emily) is a not-so-small miracle. In 1990 I was attending channelings in Encinitas, Ca., which was a half hour north from where I lived in San Diego. That's where I first met Emi, when she was in her mother's belly. Her mother was a stray cat who was being fed by the kind people who ran the metaphysical bookstore at the center where I attended the channelings. One night as my roommate and I pulled up in my car to go to a channeling, we saw 4 little kitties, about 5 or 6 weeks old running around the parking lot where I parked my car. It was not a big parking lot and it was behind the center. At the edge of the lot were a bunch of bushes and trees where I assumed the kitties lived with their mother.

That night as we were driving home and I pulled off the freeway to take the exit to our house, my car just suddenly died for no reason that I could figure out. No lights had come on or anything. It started back up and we drove home. The next day I did a bunch of errands and my car kept dying on me. So I decided I would take it in to the mechanic the next morning before work. Well, the next morning I got in the car, started it up and all of a sudden I heard a very strange sound. At first I thought it was a bird that must have been directly above my car because the sound was pretty loud. But then, the thought came to mind, "Is that a cat?" I thought, "Could there really be a cat in my car engine"?. I got out and opened up the hood of my little white Subaru and there at the very back of the engine, just under the hood, was a beautiful little grey and black striped kitty with huge light blue eyes staring back at me and crying. My very first thought when I saw her was, " God gave me this cat." I just knew it. But because she was wild she ran out from under the engine and into the bushes. She went into the neighbors yard which was on the other side of the fence and I couldn't see where she went, so I thought, "Well, I'm allergic to cats anyway and I can't have cats where I live and I'm sure she'll find a good home." But just in case she came back, I put milk and cheese under my car for her that night.

After a day or two of putting food out and checking under the hood of my car every time I went somewhere, I was in the backyard where I last saw her. Suddenly, I looked up and there she was sitting on the roof of a small shed on the neighbors side of the fence between our yards. She had such a knowing look on her face as if she was just waiting for me to show up. To make a long story short, the second miracle, after surviving that car ride down the freeway in the engine of my car, was this. Somehow , Emi found the perfect little temporary lodging space for herself until I tamed her, which took about two weeks. In between the fence and the shed was wedged an old box spring which had no material on it at all. Emi had apparently climbed up through the box springs and at the top of it was a small space where the wall of the shed was supposed to have met the roof . Emi crawled through that small space and lo and behold there was a shelf right there with a blanket on it just as she crawled inside! ( I think a beautiful spirit guide must have been whispering in her ear where to go.) It was the cutest thing to see her peering out at me . After two weeks of coaxing her out and feeding her little pieces of cheese and cat food she came down into my yard and let me pick up her. As I held this sweet little ball of a kitty against my heart I started to cry. We both knew we had just made a great friend.

Emi has been with me now for twelve years and she has a "sister" named Grace who's been with us for ten years now , too. At first I was sneezing and wheezing but gradually built up a tolerance and then got rid of asthma and allergies almost completely with herbs and supplements. Just recently, when I was thinking about what it must have been like for Emi to ride in my car engine for 14 miles down the freeway I had the thought that , if God gave her to me , ( and I know Emi was a gift to me from Spirit) then I know that the angels must have held her and comforted her while she went for that ride to be with me. I know that Emi and I have been together many times in other lives on other planets, many where she was larger than me and took care of me. Isn't it amazing what risks animals ( and people) will take to be again with those they love ? I'm so grateful to Emi for the incredible risk she took to be with me and to give me so much love and companionship for all these years.


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