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Pet Stories: In Your Own Words

An Angel Named Kookie

By: Rev. Renee Karen

Kookie was the family dog. At the time my life was very busy and I didn't really get to know her. One night I had a dream that when winter came, she would leave this earth plane. This would happen around her birthday. It was the week before Kookie's 15th birthday. I knew I had to take her to the groomer to look her very best. I knew that this was the week she would leave us. Two days before her birthday, she quietly fell asleep forever.

She did not eat anything (which was very unusual). I Looked into her eyes and knew she was ready I had gone to sleep and was awaken by a voice telling me the angels are now taking Kookie. I ran downstairs and she was already gone.

I wanted to bury her in my back yard, but this was in February. I am a minister and had to do a wedding ceremony that day. I could not find anyone home to help me with the dog. I prayed a silent prayer and the wedding ceremony was postponed for a few hours and during that day my friends came to my aid.

A week later I decided to do a memorial service for Kookie. I invited nearly 20 of my closest friends. It was so beautiful for everyone. I let every person tell their story of their pet loss. It was moving, and had a wonderful closure.

A week later I had a dream of my dad (who died 10 years ago) and saw my dad with kooky and both were so very happy. I still see Kooky at least every two weeks. There is do death for animals. They live and are our special angels still serving us in the next world.

Kooky is now my beloved pet. It took a death to show me what I had missed. I am very fortunate that I have a second chance. Love your pet now and never been sorry later.

Another miracle has happened. Kooky has helped me to develop a Pet Ministry. God does heal animals. All of us have the ability to communicate with our animals. It is called love and God will be right in the middle of if. Never fear your loss. Your beloved angel is still with you. Just believe he or she is and it will be. I wish you all the sweetness of this experience.

Much love and blessings.


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