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Pet Stories: In Your Own Words

Still Living

By: Ellen Roth

When I wanted a dog back in early 1980's and I was not sure when or which toy poodle color I want, I originally wanted a chocolate. I've been thinking about getting one for five years but never gotten around to it. It is all because of my unfinished relationship with the first chocolate female toy poodle which my parents gave her away without my knowledge or consent and permission after three wonderful years together. I was severely heartbroken. That pain stays with me and I knew I need to get a poodle in honor of Toby.

In 1986, immedilately after my father died, I was age 26 and few months after May, I saw Hurray in my dream in full color, he was so red, apricot colored with white stripes from chin down to chest, lively and all. I woke up on that morning, and yes, that is the kind of poodle I will get. Before I knew it, I walked over to the International Pet Shop on Columbus Ave and W. 85th St in Upper West Side a block away from my old apartment in brownstone by the Central Park. I walked in and asked the lady if she have poodles. She said, yes there is one who just arrived in from Iowa yesterday and he is in the back of the room.

I proceeded on to the back of the room and to my total shock he is exactly what I saw in my dream the day before. It's like he arrived in from Iowa for me. I put my finger inside the cage and he immedilately licked me and toying with my finger. I told the lady, that this dog is mine. I said to myself hooray, I finally found a poodle I wanted and this is how he got the name "Hurray".

From that day on in Dec, 1986 to now, he is still with me. He knows everything about me. He can feel me. I sent him for a short training to become a certified hearing ear dog. He responded to phone calls, doorbells, or anyone calling my name, he'd come and stratch at me and show me where the sounds were coming from. I had the best relationship with Hurray. We know, it's also for Toby. He is now almost totally blind and deaf. No longer a working dog but a loving pet. Sleeps with me. I feel complete and truly blessed to get a pet and have a special relationship in non verbal communication.

During his first two years of life, we developed a rapport and communication and trust. There were times I wanted to be sure I can trust Hurray without leash, I had some doubts. Til one night, I had another lucid dream, I was on an horizon, walking towards to the sun all by myself there was no other life forms, I looked around and then looked down there's Hurray walking right besides me. He never abandoned me and I knew it was his way of letting me know. He will never leave me and be by my side. And then, he picked up his paw to use alphabet fingerspelling with his nails in my name. So, in 1988, that was a full connection between my dog and me. I know he learned my language and connected at heart.

He may live for a few more years. I have no idea how long he'd continue on. So far he is still healthy. It s just that his sight and hearing are "going". I thought I'd share this with you all.


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