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Pet Stories: In Your Own Words

Mountain Mystic

By: Pat

Llamas are fascinating animals. They are highly intelligent and have a complex social structure. One trick to working with llamas is to refrain from looking them directly in the eye. They concieve this as being a threat or a predator. I hear a lot of questions about their spitting and will they spit at people. A well adjusted llama isn't going to spit at you unless it is absolutely terrified by something you do. They do spit at eachother, especially when something has disturbed their usual routine or food is involved.

One thing that has gotten llamas a bad rap in North America is that we don't completely understand just how complex their social structures are and how miserable a single llama is. I believe that much of their communication is telepathic. Many people call these wonderful animals "psychic." I definitely pick up messages from them when I am with them.

If you ever think of getting llamas please get more than one. This allows them to interact with one of their own and goes a long ways in making a happy, well adjusted llama. A llama should remain with it's mother at least 6 months and should always have others of it's own kind to relate to. One who is not socially active with others of it's kind can become very rank and tagged as a "beserk llama."

We have 7 llamas, two males and 5 sweet ladys. We had many cria (baby llamas) born here in the past and I can't think of a single animal more adorable than a little cria just beginning to explore her world. Working with them has been a real joy.



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