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Pet Stories: In Your Own Words

Pet Dreams

By: Sandra Evans

Here is another one of the those fantastic letters, denoting how powerful the connections with our pets can be. From 1975-1990, I was blessed with the special bonding of a little Cavalier King Charles spaniel, Prudence. She was a pretty little girl, only weighing about eleven pounds. At the time, I was a California native unhappily transplanted in Tucson, Arizona. My co-worker knew I was looking for a puppy and offered her to me. There was no knowledge on my part as to the breed, and she told me they tended to be extremely sweet natured.

Prudence turned out to be one of the biggest blessing to come, and we shared just shy of fifteen years together. There were many life changes that took me away from her for long periods each day, that could not be avoided and those are my regrets. She knew how much she was loved, but, being an only dog made her lonely. My husband was working out of town and I went to my girlfriend's in Las Vegas to meet him. My mother was watching Prudence for the two days and I quickly picked her up on the way home. She was not faring too well, and the vet had her on medication for her heart. He said she would not get better. The next day was Monday, and I was to start work at 1:30. My mother would come over at 5:00 and give Prudence her medication and let her out to go potty. My mother called work, and when Tara handed me the phone; I knew in an instant that Prudence was making her transition. I prayed to God, "please let me make it in time to say good-bye to my special companion."

Fortunately for me, the wild ride home only took twelve minutes, and my mother had resuscitated Prudence and I was able to pet and tell her how much I loved her and would miss her. Sadly, she was gone within five minutes. My mother and I moved her into the bathroom, where I sat and read Eck parables to her. There was no doubt in my mind that she was now in the care of the Varaigi Master, Pajapati, and all was as it should be.

My mother and I made arrangements to have Prudence buried at the Seabreeze Pet Cemetery. While driving there a couple of days later, we were rear-ended by a mini-truck. That incident was at the exact time Prudence reincarnated in the form of my Chloe, a buff cocker spaniel who was out of a litter from a client of my vet. I remember telling Prudence that I hoped she would forgive me looking for another puppy so soon. While sleeping that night, I felt Prudence come and lay curled up in my arm. I was overwhelmed with joy from feeling her presence and then the bright light appeared with the most heavenly music I have ever heard. Quickly, I realized that Prudence was communicating to me that she was okay and in total agreement.

While sleeping a few nights later, I sat upright and heard a voice telling me to call my vet, Dr. Roberson. The only reason to call would be to inquire about puppies, so the next morning I made the call. I was given the name of a woman whose cocker had a litter. There were six puppies, and even though I only held Chloe, my heart knew she was going to be special. She didn't even have her eyes open. My husband was not very impressed, in fact he was unhappy that I had picked her because he knew I had already made plans for another Cavalier. The woman who owned the cocker was named Sandy, just like me. She was married to a welder, just like me. We brought Chloe home when she was six weeks old, and just three weeks after bringing home our Cavalier, Camille. Chloe owned the place within minutes of being here and she and Camille became our new loves for the next twelve to thirteen years. Although, they have both transitioned again, the last eight months have been full of anticipation of our new pups, and who will be returning to share our lives again.

This is only the tip of the iceberg, a small fraction of the experiences we have had with our pets. I am eternally grateful to God, for the consciousness that allows me the privilege to participate in this arena.

May the blessings be,

Sandra Evans


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