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Pet Stories: In Your Own Words

In My Mind's Eye

By: Cora Davidson

Cora Davidson provides a foster home for Ratbone Rescues, Rat Terrier Rescue

I can see

In my mind's eye

How cute he must have looked

In that litter of new, wiggly puppies.

For there's nothing cuter than a spotted pup!

I can see

How excited you were

To take him home to your family.

I bet you chose the perfect name,

And gave him plenty of treats,

And did all sorts of fun things with him.

He was your dog!

And you were proud of him.

I can see

How your children loved him and played with him.

I bet he was devoted to you

With all his heart and soul.

I'm sure he would have given his life willingly

To protect your family from harm.

But I saw

How you threw him away

You took him to a remote campground and

Put him out to fend for himself.

Did he just get too old?

Or did you decide that taking care of him

Was just too expensive?

Did you see

Him running behind, trying to catch your car,

And watching you as you drove out of sight,

His old legs too tired to run any more,

Leaving him alone, scared, and hungry?

Did you see him begging for handouts,

All the while waiting for you to come back?

Did you see the grief and despair in his eyes

When you didn't?

I can see

In this old dog's eyes a docile creature who,

Although he is safe and secure in my home,

Still grieves for the family that threw him away.

He doesn't understand why he is here,

And what he did to deserve this.

Did your children see

And learn that it's best to discard someone

When they get older, and need a little more care?

Who do you think will take care of you

When that time comes?

Have your children learned from your example?

I hope you will not be discarded and alone,

Just like this old dog.

I hope someday you see.

I hope your eyes are opened

Before you throw another sweet dog away.




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