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Pet Stories: In Your Own Words


By: Cora Davidson

I met your dog today.

The little black and white terrier at the city pound?

Why was he there?

He was happy to be one of the few to leave alive.

He licked my face and snuggled close to me, and

Showed me he was grateful for a second chance.

I watch for them at the pounds and shelters,

These little terriers who have been thrown away.

I loved your dog today.

What was his name? Did you love him ever?

Heartworm preventative is so cheap, just one pill.

One little pill, every month; is that too much to ask?

You could have remembered, if it was important to you.

Less than the cost of a movie ticket, or a pizza,

Or a dozen other things that you bought for yourself.

He was depending on you and you let him down.

I hugged your dog today.

I held him while he slept, struggling to breathe,

I promised he would not suffer, not if I could help it.

We made another trip to the vet, to try to work a miracle.

But it was hopeless.

There were no miracles.

Months of your neglect had taken its toll.

I cried for your dog today.

He licked my chin and gazed into my eyes before he died.

The hardest thing for me to admit is;

He probably still loved you, too.

Please do not get another dog

Until you can keep them healthy,

Until you can learn to care.

I buried your dog today.

I named him Barney.

Cora Davidson is Secretary/Treasurer of Ratbone Rescues, Inc., Rat Terrier rescue, a 501(c)(3) organization.


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