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Pet Stories: In Your Own Words

Coco the Parakeet

By: Nicole R. Joly

Oh what a bird! And I still can't believe it to this day!

First I will describe for you Coco's little character. Blue, beautiful blue. So intelligent. Talking and talking all the time. He would eat in our plates with us, would run to the phone when it rang and then answer with us. He had this little electronic voice. Would say, "Hello, hello, ok bye" and repeat again "ok bye," then he would make a little pounding noise to show he was hanging up. He was always on my shoulder everywhere in the house following me. He was free to fly everywhere in the house. And those mirors...he loved them. 2 times he even tried to come and see me even at night in bed but would hit the walls and it would wake me up. So I would close the cage at night. He would always play with my earrings (big round ones) and he even perched on them. And would talk and talk in my ears. Five years went on with this little fellow and at the end I was starting to get annoyed a bit. So I would grab my newspaper and try to make him go away for a while so he would give me a break. But he thought I was playing with him.

One morning I went out to do some errands, and it was a beautiful sunny and windy day. My husband decided to go relax outside and brought the cage with Coco with him, so he could enjoy fresh air. But the wind got so bad that the cage fell down and cracked open. Coco got out of the cage and the wind was pushing him. My husband called him and showed him his hand so he could perch like he would usually do and Coco tried to come back to him but the wind blew him away again, but this time, a little too far. Coco was gone. When I got back, he didnt' know how to tell me. I was a nervous wreck. Went outside and looked everywhere and called his name. We looked and looked but nothing. I was devastated. All those ideas of what was going to happen to him and surely he would die. I knew he wouldn't make it. I didn't sleep all night thinking about it. I felt so alone. (Like him).

Then it came to me...Coco likes people too much. He's gonna perch on somebody on the street for sure. It's the only thing he knows...humans. So the next day I went to our local newspaper and put in an ad for Coco, offering a reward. I went to work and told my buddies about the whole story and they laughed at me for putting the ad in the paper. Get serious Nicole....

A week later, I received a phone call. "I have your bird", this lady says. She gave me her address and I went to meet her. There he little Coco.

She told me, "I was walking down the street, back from work and I felt this thing on my shoulder. Couldn't see well what it was and started to hit on it so it would go away. And then realised, it was a bird. I'm scared to death of birds. But he just stayed there and played with my earrings. I thought, what do I do? This has to be somebody's bird.... looks like a parakeet. So I knocked at the first house I saw and asked the people, is this your bird, (showing Coco on my shoulder)? No. I did 3 houses like that and people where laughing at me. So I brought the bird home with me. He wouldn't go away... I called my mom and asked her if she still had that cage of hers. So I kept him till now. My daughter saw your ad in the paper and told me about it so I called you."

At that point I was so so happy and laughing my heart out. Went back to work the next day and fooled everybody. They just couldn't believe it. Then after work I went back to the local newspaper and told them how amazingly their little ads worked. They were so happy for me and their results that they did a picture of me and an interview telling my story in the next paper. I was a little star in my town and everybody was talking to me about Coco. I even met a lady who told me that he had stopped in her parking lot before he met the other lady that found him. He paused (probably) on the back of her husband's pickup truck. And it was not far away from where he was found. By the way, he was found about 3km away from my home.

So that's the story of Coco. He passed away 2 years later. But what a life he had...And what a life he gave me....

Isn't it extraordinary?

All my love to you all!

Nicole R. Joly


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