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Pet Stories: In Your Own Words


By: Allyson Shelly

I had a very strong psychic bond with my 17 year old cat Heather.

I met her in Denver, Colorado on a walk. I looked at her and said "What a pretty kitty" and she meowed at me. She lived down the street but decided to move in with us.

From the moment I saw her I knew I had known this cat before. I played a test with her once when she was sitting in the backyard. I called to her in my mind and she came running! That was it. She was mine. I moved her with us back to California and have a scar to prove it. Sometimes I would hear my name in my head, clear as a bell and it would be her, wanting my attention.

I had her for 17 years. When she was ready to leave this plane she had a stroke. Eyes glassy, no longer home in there. Except the night before I had to put her to sleep she meowed at me, wanting me to put her in my rocking chair and she purred. She was back. But the next morning her eyes were glassy and she started to hide. I didn't want to but I decided to have her put to sleep. I didn't want her to die alone somewhere or have seizures. I held her and apologized and told her I loved her and she died in my arms. All the next day I felt her presence on my shoulder. In a meditation I told her I was sorry. She came through clear as a bell and thanked me for releasing her and that it was okay.

I have never had a cat like that before or since. I have three beautiful ones now but they don't talk to me like she did. She was very special and I loved her dearly.

Still do.


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