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Pet Stories: In Your Own Words


By: Mary Jo Mauro


Boulder, Colorado in the summertime is a wonderful place to be outdoors. The University of Colorado campus is a green oasis of tall shade trees and green lawns. Nearby, in Boulder Canyon, waterfalls provide a refreshing way to stay cool during the hot summer afternoons.

My college roommates and I enjoyed a relaxing Saturday afternoon sketching rocks and sunning near the waterfalls in the canyon. When we returned to our condo, Chartreuse Corners, at 2275 Spruce Street, I picked up the latest copy of the Rocky Mountain News and turned to the classified ads. For a few weeks, I had been scanning the ads to find a kitten. There it was, the ad that caught my eye: "Free kitten to good owner." I called the phone number in the ad and made arrangements to pick up the new bundle of joy.

I drove the thirty miles from Boulder to Lakewood, Colorado, and found the house. When I saw the tiny ball of fur that I would be taking home with me, I giggled with glee. She was the very first tortoise shell cat that I had ever seen and the colors and markings on her coat made her look like an Egyptian patchwork tapestry.

She and I became instant friends and she loved her new home in Boulder. Her name evolved over a few days: "Maczka Machkette du Monde." "Maczka," (pronounced Motch-Ka,) is the Yugoslavian word for cat. "Machkette" is a word that I made up, and "du Monde" is French and means "of the world."

"Maczka Machkette du Monde" became a friend to everyone at Chartreuse Corners, especially to Flynn the handsome orange and white tabby who lived next door. Maczka and Flynn became the proud parents of five tiny furballs that grew into kittenhood and were given away to good homes.

A few years later, Maczka and I moved to Pueblo, Colorado, into a Victorian house built in 1902. The second floor balcony became one of Maczka's favorite hangouts. It was a place where she would sit hiding amongst the flowers keeping serious watch upon the birds nesting high above in the tree tops. Maczka was greatly mesmerized by frisky squirrels in the yard, chasing each other from tree branch to tree branch. On occasion, Maczka brought into the house a few reluctant grasshoppers as gifts for her proud owner.

My feeling toward Maczka was that I had known her as a horse in a previous life. She eminated a very powerful and strong horse-like presence. I felt deeply bonded to her spirit.

During Maczka's tenth year, she was called to the "Heavyside Layer." I was with her when she drew in her last breath and before she left, I knew that I would definitely see her again. I gave Maczka a grand funeral. Friends and family were notified and I arranged a procession to a nearby mesa at sunset. A guitarist friend offered beautiful music. A song by the Mamas and the Papas, about reincarnation, was played on the portible CD player. Poems about Maczka were read while incense filled the air. Candlelight illuminated the bundles of roses which surrounded Maczka's body and everyone had something good to say about her. She was buried beneath the twinkling stars on Baculite Mesa.

Seven years later while I was browsing in the local mall, I noticed a tortoise shell kitten cuddled in the corner of a pet store window. I asked the store manager to let me examine the kitten. I knew right away that it was Maczka. I went home and arranged a phone reading with a very famous and trustworthy trance channeler. I asked Spirit if this new kitten was indeed Maczka. My intuition was correct, Spirit said that Maczka had returned to me in almost exactly the same type of body that she had before, and would respond to the same name.

"Maczka the Second's" personality is a carbon copy of "Maczka the First's." She is mischievous, playful, and attracts attention in the same way that "Maczka the First" did, by knocking things off of the bookshelves, and by being a feisty and regal little ball of fur, just like her predecessor "Maczka Machkette du Monde," my reincarnated "Cat of the World."


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