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Pet Stories: In Your Own Words

Winnie & Trixie

By: Rosemary Music, RHIA

Winnie, a purebred female beagle, came to live with us just weeks old. She was following her mother down our road in the middle of a summer night, and we picked her up saving her from the certain doom of a county trunk road. She joined our two other dogs, and lived a good life for 10 years. Winnie and I had a special bond. I was working the midnight shift, and every morning we shared a slice of toast before going to bed for a few hours. She slept in my lap while I studied college texts using her as a book rest.

In the last year of Winnie's life, she developed many devastating systemic problems including uncontrollable diabetes. I tended numerous infections and administered insulin and other meds while studying for national exams. The day after my exam, Winnie passed away. I told myself I would never have another pet. The grief was too much to bear at the end of their short life.

Well, three weeks later, a neighbor was walking her two beagles past my house. I ran out to talk and pet the dogs. The neighbor told me that I should think about visiting the local Humane Society, and that there were always beagles up for adoption. There weren't. As I walked past the cages and was about to leave, I went back to look at a forlorn pup with beagle markings, but definitely a mixed breed. I thought I'd give this one a try. I made a donation to the Humane Society, and Trixie and I drove home together.

Trixie was a stray picked up by Humane Society workers on the very day that Winnie died. The Society does not keep dogs as long as they kept Trixie (three weeks). I am sure that she was just waiting for me to adopt her and continue the special bond that I have with the spirit of Winnie.


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