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Pet Stories: In Your Own Words


By: Robin Youst

Hello, and here is my story of my little Ranger. You see Ranger is my little Miniature Pinscher. My husband got him for me as a Christmas present 9 years ago. I knew from the story that my husband told me of how Ranger ran over to my husband and sat between his legs and looked up at him as if to say OK I'm yours take me home to be with my family , that he would be the most devoted and special pet, that my husband and I have had.

The special story I would like to share with you is this one. It has been 8 year ago now that this has happened. But if it weren't for having Ranger, I don't think that I would be writing this story to you today. You see, I had a blood clot that was missed by the Doctors in my left leg. It had moved from my ankle to my thigh. Well the 1st day of deer hunting season my husband was camping and going to go hunting that day. I was up at 5:30AM and doing my regular routine in getting ready for my work day. I took Ranger for his walk, but during the walk I felt a little light headed and couldn't catch my breath. I though that I was hyperventilating. But what was happening to me was this, the blood clot broke lose from my thigh and went into my right lung. So, when I felt light headed, I laid down in the middle of walking my little Ranger. The next thing I knew, Ranger was kissing my face as if to say "Please, please wake up! I need to get you home so you can call for help." With it being that early in the morning no one else was up and moving around outside, so no one would have found me until it was to late. So you see by my special little Ranger kissing me back to this world, I might not be writing this story to you today. Because of Ranger, I was able to make it back home, and I called 911.

I know just how lucky I am to have Ranger in my and my husband's life. He is a wonderful welcome to our family. I must also share this little fact. I used to have a dog named Deacon Blue. Deacon was my Doberman Pincher that I had for 10 year back when I was in high school. My husband got to know my Doberman, Deacon and loved him very much. Both my husband and I fell that Ranger in some way is Deacon reincarnated. And just the thought of that makes both my husband and I smile and have a warm feeling in our hearts.

Thank you for letting me share just a little bit of my Ranger with each and everyone of you who has read this story. And know that I feel very lucky to have such a special and wonderful pet in my and my husband's life!




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