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Pet Stories: In Your Own Words


By: M.G. Wells

As a child I had an unsettling experience with a horse, which created within me an immense fear of them. My cousins lived on a horse farm. During a family visit, my cousins invited me to meet one of the horses. Without adult or professional supervision, my cousins goaded me into the paddock to pet the horse. I was immensely intimidated and unsure of this huge animal. After only seconds in the paddock, the horse began to whinny and buck. Frightened, I ran away as the gargantuan beast chased me. Of course, my cousins thought this was funny and laughed impishly as I scurried across the paddock in fear for my life. As an 8-year-old child I did not understand that the horse was simply curious about me and simply desired to smell my scent and feel out my energy. There were no adults around to explain the horse's behavior to me, and my cousins were not very compassionate. For the majority of my life, I would not go near a horse for fear that I'd be crushed to death. During September 2000, life presented me with a special gift.

During a visit to Los Angeles last year, I had a fascinating, serendipitous experience after our plane was ordered to disembark due to fierce weather conditions. While all passengers was eagerly awaiting the flight, I sat next to an interesting woman name Julie. After chatting a bit, I discovered that Julie works with troubled/disabled children and also specializes in equine-assisted therapy. Julie uses her horses to help others overcome mental, physical & spiritual issues by guiding her students to understand the unique language of horses. After sharing with Julie that I am a Master Reiki Practitioner, Julie asked me if I'd do a treatment on her paint mare, Sweetie. Apparently, Sweetie was in an accident, which caused her tremendous physical and emotional damage. No longer a viable show or breed mare, Sweetie was placed on the auction block and purchased by Julie and her husband, Sam. After sharing with Julie my traumatic childhood equine experience, she generously offered to help me overcome my fear of horses.

Despite my fears, I agreed to do Reiki on Sweetie. I was determined to overcome this fear and the Universe was in agreement. Julie assured me that horses are a prey animal and rarely exhibit an overt intention to harm anyone and felt my experience was due to ignorance.

For those of you who are not familiar with Reiki, I shall illuminate. Reiki (pronounced Ray-Key) is an ancient Japanese healing art, which channels universal life energy through the hands of the practitioner into the body of the receiver. Reiki holistically treats the mind, body and spirit. The energy works on all levels to heal whatever is in need. Reiki is nonintrusive, nonintellectual and it is not a religion. Everything is composed of energy and Reiki is energy. Because it is universal energy, Reiki belongs to any living being ready and willing to receive the gift of divine, healing energy.

When I returned from my trip, Julie and I arranged a date for Sweetie's first Reiki treatment. While Julie held the very anxious Sweetie, another Reiki Master and I performed Sweetie's first Reiki treatment. Sweetie was very sensitive to the energy, but allowed us to touch her vulnerable areas. Ten minutes into the Reiki session, Sweetie turned around and licked me. I was so touched by this gesture that my fears immediately dissolved. For one hour we shared Reiki with Sweetie. After our session, Sweetie gave Susan and myself a happy snort. Julie translated and assured it was Sweetie's way of saying, "Thank you, I needed that." A few days later, Julie called to share with me that Sweetie was more emotionally confident and physically active since the Reiki treatment. Julie also reported that Sweetie was interacting with the other horses and holding her own ground quite boldly. Of course, I was thrilled and delighted to hear this news.

Now that I was comfortable with entering a paddock, Julie and I alone arranged for another Reiki treatment for Sweetie. After entering the paddock, Sweetie popped her beautiful head out of her stall and whinnied me over. I treated Sweetie to some honeydew melon sage, which my guides indicated would be good for her. Sweetie loved the herb and ate it greedily from my hand. Sweetie exhibited no signs of anxiety whatsoever when I entered her stall this time. For a half hour she allowed me to perform Reiki on her, then happily gazed at me and snorted as if saying "Okay, that's enough. Thank you." And thanks to this magnificent paint mare, I am no longer afraid of horses. I know this experience was meant to benefit all concerned. Reiki healing and the magic of serendipity never ceases to delight and inspire me.


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