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Pet Stories: In Your Own Words


By: Carol Clayton

My cat, Camille, recently went on to her next phase of life. She unexpectedly became ill and the doctors were not able to determine what the problem was. Camille was with me the entire time that I have lived alone. She was a family member to me and a great roommate. I am a huge animal lover. I have never had a bond with an animal that was as strong as the one with Camille. I found her (or she found me) as a stray.

In 1997 I submitted a photo of her in a calendar contest and she was chosen to be in the calendar. It was very exciting for me, one would have thought that I had won the lottery. I honestly believe that she realized how fortunate she was to have been rescued from her homeless life. I miss her very much but I believe that her soul is still with me.

I wrote this poem in August of 1999. I added the second part last week.

I am.

I live.

I wander.

I did not ask to be here.

I take care of myself.

I do have feelings.

I see people, sometimes I am drawn to them, maybe they can help me.

Sometimes I get scared.

Often I am hungry or thirst.

I am skinny and in need of nourishment.

I am dirty.

I get cold.

I get wet.

I do not experience love, for this is the only life I know.

My only shelter is the fur on my back, for I am a stray.

Take me in and I will wander no more.

I will never again be scared, hungry, thirsty, cold or dirty.

We will be filled with contentment as I sit on your lap and purr.

As you take care of me, I will love you unconditionally and we will form a bond that will forever be in your heart.

Now that I have left this world, please remember I am grateful that you took in a stray.

-Inspired by "Camille"-


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