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Pet Stories: In Your Own Words


By: Natalie A Peterson

Mama came to me through the Humane Society almost two years ago. Her name at the time was Perugina, but I knew that didn't suit her. We tried so many other names, but none of them stuck. When we brought a new kitten into our home, she finally got the name that fit her, Mama. She was a good mother to her adopted son, Tucker.

Mama began to have health problems about a year and a half after she came to live with me. The vet thought that it was a blood parasite. We treated her for that and she seemed to recover. For three months she was the healthy and happy Mama cat that we knew and loved. Then things suddenly took a turn for the worse. She became extremely lethargic, was spiking high fevers, and stopped eating. I brought her to the veteranarian and we tried treating her for the parasite again to no avail. We did several tests, but could come to no conclusion as to what was making her so ill. After she had spent two weeks in and out of the hospital, I had a dream that she was home again and healthy and happy, playing with Tucker. I woke up and somehow knew that something was going to happen that day.

We left the house to go visit her and when we arrived at the hospital, we were met with the bad news that she had left this world about ten minutes before we arrived. I was devastated that she was gone, but I didn't feel as sad about not getting to say good-bye. I knew then that the dream I had had was her gift to me, saying good-bye to me and telling me that she was in a better place and okay. It turned out that she had been suffering from cancer, lymphosarcoma of the spleen and liver. I will always treasure the memory of my little Mama, and hope that I will meet her again soon.


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