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Using the principles and practices of the Genie System for the past 20 years, Maureen St. Germain has created a life filled with love, success and happiness. Starting with an annual salary of $35,000, she single-handedly paid off both her and her former husband’s debt, put 3 of her 4 sons through college, manifested the career of her dreams, landed a 3-book deal with a major publisher, went on to write best seller Beyond the Flower of Life, wrote and recorded over 15 meditation CDs and married the man of her dreams. It is her passion to help people grow and evolve, and her mission to help others manifest their heart’s desire.

As a mystic she has traveled and taught workshops worldwide for almost 20 years. Author of the bestseller, Beyond the Flower of Life, Maureen has been teaching the MerKaBa Meditation and Higher Self connection to audiences worldwide since 1994. In 2003 she was given direct access to a dimension that has been closed to humanity for eons – the Akashic Records.

In her latest book, Be A Genie, author and intuitive Maureen St. Germain assists people in meeting, and surpassing, their life dreams and goals using the laws of quantum physics and secrets of sacred geometry, along with easy to learn, step-by-step, practical tools and practices found in Be a Genie.

About the book- Be A Genie

What is it – that makes a Genie a Genie? What if, every thought could occur as quickly as you desire it? What is the fastest way to make your wishes and dreams come true? A Genie! What is a Genie anyway? Is it a dream? Is it a person? Is it a magic bottle to make anything come true? In Arabian stories, the Genie is a magic spirit that lives in a bottle who has powers to grant your wishes. Some stories call it a Gin. As most story lines go, if you let it get out of the bottle – then you can not control it anymore! If you cannot control it anymore, then what will happen? The presumption is that bad things can happen!

But what if the bad things are not bad for you? What if the “things that occur” change you? The other inference here, like great knowledge of the gold rush, is that once the word is out – there is no stopping it! The benefit is too great! Unlike the gold rush, you won’t have crowding for your share – just endless opportunity for all. Now, what if the Genie is you? What if the “bad” thing that can happen is that you are finally free to live the life you’ve always wanted? What if you are finding out that you have way more power than you thought? What if you could see a way to become a Genie for yourself – and create your heart’s desire? What if all this “magical” thinking was rooted in science and math? Suddenly you can see the power you will unleash – for yourself. You cannot be contained. You will become unstoppable!

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Maureen St. Germain
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