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Author of When the Wind Chimes Chime: Ending the Greatest Fear of All, Donna is committed to opening a dialogue about death and dying. What are the beliefs and fears that shape our end-of-life experience? What are the man-made laws influencing our choices? Is it possible for us to come to terms with death, to release our fears about it, to embrace death as part of the natural cycle of life?

Through the true story of Andraez, a little boy who died of bone cancer at age seven, she hopes to shed light on the choices, or lack of choices, that we and our children may have at the end of lifeís journey. She hopes to raise awareness of the role that our medical industry plays in our experience of transition. Part Two of her book, also presents stories of people who have approached their own final days in peace.

While being an advocate for reclaiming our human rights and dignity, Donna is also an advocate for our beloved Planet Earth. Her passion for the environment was ignited in 1988 when she attended her first Windstar Symposium in Aspen, Colorado. (Windstar was an environmental education organization co-founded by singer John Denver in 1976.) Following her attendance at that symposium, Donna felt inspired to return to her home (in northeast Ohio at that time) and initiate a local grassroots non-profit environmental organization that became known as NOWC (Northern Ohio Windstar Connection). Soon thereafter, she became director of a program of NOWC known as The Vegetarian Connection which helped bring an awareness about how our food choices impact not only our health but the health of the animals and the Earth itself. In addition, she became regional coordinator of a county-wide reforestation project called the Lake Free Tree Program, as well as co-advisor of an environmental Explorerís post. In 1995 she was honored with a Lake County (Ohio) Environmental Improvement Award.

Our health and our environment are intrinsically connected. If we are breathing toxic air, drinking toxic water, eating toxic food, and thinking toxic thoughts, our bodies will be toxic. Donna encourages everyone to become aware of issues that impact our human rights, our health, and the health and integrity of our planet and to become proactive in whatever direction their heart leads them.

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Donna Corso
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