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A graduate of Princeton University and the American Film Institute Center for Advanced Film Studies, Paul Davids is from Bethesda, Maryland, the son of a famous Georgetown University professor who worked extensively with John F. Kennedy on the writing of PROFILES IN COURAGE (for which his father is credited in the Preface). His father was even professor to young Bill Clinton, and that connection eventually gave Paul the opportunity to broach the subject of UFO’s and Roswell with our former President.

One of Paul’s mentors since childhood was Forrest J Ackerman, a film scholar who coined the term sci-fi and edited almost 200 issues of Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine. Very strange events following a 2009 tribute for Mr. Ackerman turned Paul’s attention to the subject of After Death Communication (ADC). The research that began with unexplained phenomena continued for four years and led Paul to embark upon filming “The Life After Death Project,” which showed on the SyFy channel in May. It has just been released on DVD, along with a sequel. Dr. Gary Schwartz, who appears in “The Life After Death Project,” declares it to be a historic breakthrough in evidence for afterlife.

Paul Davids has been a producer and director in Hollywood for over 25 years, starting with the original “Transformers” TV show -- and he even authored six “Star Wars” books for Lucasfilm. He has made many films that are well known to fans of Shirley MacLaine’s website, including the Showtime original movie, “Roswell,” which starred Martin Sheen, Kyle MacLachlan and Dwight Yoakam. Paul went on to direct independent films such as “Timothy Leary’s Dead,” “Starry Night,” “The Artist and the Shaman” and “The Sci-Fi Boys,” which won the Saturn Award for Best DVD of 2006. Shirley first interviewed Paul when his controversial feature, “Jesus in India,” was shown on the Sundance Channel in 2007.

Not unlike another UFO researcher and writer, the late Budd Hopkins, Paul is also a prolific professional artist. His work is displayed in galleries, including on Canyon Road in Santa Fe, and he will have a special exhibition at the Ritz-Carlton Laguna Niguel in Dana Point, California, next spring.

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