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Jim Sparks a professional in the human abduction scenario, lecturer and author of the most popular book “The Keepers” was raised in South Florida and educated in business. Jim’s abductions began in 1988. At the time he was living in Houston and working as a successful land developer. Initially an unwilling abductee, his experiences transformed once he was able to put aside rage and overcome fear. Jim began to understand he was encountering highly intelligent advanced beings from other worlds.

Jim had been completely conscious of his face to face experiences, giving him clear memories and gaining amazing insight. In the last two decades that he had been dealing with the ETs, he has witnessed amazing sciences. He now knows there is a plan to elevate ourselves to better understand what these beings are about so we may evolve.

About the Book: The Keepers

Since 1988, Jim Sparks has been working with intelligent, nonhuman beings from off-planet locations. Unlike any other abductees, he has conscious awareness of his experiences with approximately 95 percent clear recall of technology, including time travel, invisibility, multidimensionality, and manipulation of gravity and electromagnetic fields. His firsthand reports of sperm extraction, breeding programs, shape-shifting, and thought-activated transport are astonishing, as is his personal journey from anger at the invasion to gratitude for the opportunity to be a part of saving the Earth from self-destruction. After a 1996 mass abduction, Jim was initiated as a participant, rather than as an unwilling abductee. It became clear to him that some ETs have become very concerned about their investment in planet Earth. He was given a message: "Your planet is dying." He was told to instruct humanity to: restore the Earth's ecological balance, grant amnesty to those who have suppressed the truth about the long-term alien presence on Earth, and bring forth all the concealed knowledge and technologies that extraterrestrial visitors have given to humans. He is an ambassador for human cosmic awareness and a voice for the ridiculed and dismissed people who have been contacted by alien civilizations.

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Jim Sparks
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UFOs, ETs and Alien Abductions: A Scientist Looks at the Evidence is a new book by Don Crosbie Donderi, a retired professor of psychology and former Associate Dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research at McGill University in Montreal. Donderi reviews and analyzes 60 years of accumulated evidence that some of what people report as UFOs are extraterrestrial vehicles, that some of the extraterrestrial UFOs have crews, and that some of the extraterrestrial crews “catch and release” humans to study them. He advocates public disclosure of the facts about extraterrestrial surveillance, which he believes both the U.S. and other governments know to be ongoing, and he supports the development of defensive weapons that will allow us to regain control of national and international airspace. Donderi believes that there should be a full, open debate about the present and future impact of the extraterrestrial presence on our planet in order to develop a common vision and understanding about how it might, and should, affect our future.

For skeptics and enthusiasts alike, UFOs, ETs, and Alien Abductions analyzes the facts and builds a case for the existence of alien life forms.

UFOs, ETs, and Alien Abductions: A Scientist Looks at the Evidence
UFOs, ETs, and Alien Abductions

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