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Chris Griscom is an internationally acclaimed Spiritual Teacher, Healer, and Visionary. She is the author of fourteen books, which have been translated into thirteen languages, and is the world’s leading authority on reincarnation. Ms. Griscom founded The Light Institute of Galisteo, a renowned spiritual healing center located in Galisteo, New Mexico, and The Nizhoni School For Global Consciousness.

Chris Griscom’s work has inspired and touched people across the globe. Chris was instrumental in the passing of the Peace Memorial for the State of New Mexico in 2003. In July of 2002, she was nominated for the prestigious Templeton Prize for Progress in Religion Award by a United States Congressman and Senator. Her humanitarian services and contributions in holistic health and education have been twice recognized by The Indian Board of Alternative Medicines, based in Calcutta, India. The Board awarded Ms. Griscom with the Sewa Chakra Award on December 2, 1996. Past recipients of the award include the late Mother Teresa and the Dalai Lama. Ms. Griscom again traveled to Calcutta, India on December 1, 1999 to receive the Lifetime Achievement award from the Board.

Chris Griscom has devoted her life to the development of spiritual technology, the expansion of consciousness and the evolution of the Soul. She travels the world giving talks and seminars, while continuing her work at The Light Institute.

What distinguishes the work at The Light Institute is the expertise of the internationally famous and incomparably trained Light Institute Facilitators and the unique method they use. Personally selected and trained by Ms. Griscom, the Facilitators deliver the highest degree of integrity while guiding and protecting you during your spiritual exploration. The method used during this adventure is phenomenally powerful. Ms. Griscom teaches that merely viewing and clearing a lifetime is insufficient to actualize the healing process and develop a repertoire for living in ecstasy. To truly heal and live within divine frequencies, these incarnational memories must be released at the cellular level so that the pure energy is redirected to our lives now. Not only will you be freed of specific and thematic residues as a result of releasing karma from other embodiments, you will also discover the many talents you hold within your multi-dimensional consciousness; you must connect with your Higher Self, the Divine Source. The work you will encounter at The Light Institute will allow you to access your Higher Self. This is the remarkable, differentiating element of the healing work initiated at The Light Institute: the accessing of and the reconnection to one's inherent, divine purpose and gifts and the integration of these magnificent forces into the consciousness and daily life.

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Chris Griscom
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UFOs, ETs and Alien Abductions: A Scientist Looks at the Evidence is a new book by Don Crosbie Donderi, a retired professor of psychology and former Associate Dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research at McGill University in Montreal. Donderi reviews and analyzes 60 years of accumulated evidence that some of what people report as UFOs are extraterrestrial vehicles, that some of the extraterrestrial UFOs have crews, and that some of the extraterrestrial crews “catch and release” humans to study them. He advocates public disclosure of the facts about extraterrestrial surveillance, which he believes both the U.S. and other governments know to be ongoing, and he supports the development of defensive weapons that will allow us to regain control of national and international airspace. Donderi believes that there should be a full, open debate about the present and future impact of the extraterrestrial presence on our planet in order to develop a common vision and understanding about how it might, and should, affect our future.

For skeptics and enthusiasts alike, UFOs, ETs, and Alien Abductions analyzes the facts and builds a case for the existence of alien life forms.

UFOs, ETs, and Alien Abductions: A Scientist Looks at the Evidence
UFOs, ETs, and Alien Abductions

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