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Following a five-and-a-half year stint as an Air Force fighter pilot during what he calls “the hottest part of the cold war,” Murray Susser, decided to investigate a medical career. After completing his undergraduate work in English at Pitt, he applied to and was accepted at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine from which he graduated in 1966.

Some people might describe Murray “Buz” Susser as one of “those California way-out doctors,” implying a physician who doles out a healthy dose of philosophy or mysticism along with his ministrations. It’s true that Susser treats some of his patients with nutritional approaches, consults a chiropractor for his own bad back, and personally cares for his share of the stars.

While Susser’s practice is clearly not run-of-the-mill, neither is it particularly “far-out.” Rather, he combines a firm foundation of traditional family practice (in which he is board certified) with aspects of nutritional medicine and other alternative practices.

We’re living longer but not necessarily healthier lives. Dr. Susser joins us this evening to help us reach healthy, happy old age.


Long life medicine covers a span of possibilities. It can involve simple life style activities like buckling a seat belt or flossing teeth. Or it can expand to management of genetic abnormalities with ultra high technology. Life extension requires that we seek solutions to degenerative, infectious, toxic, and genetic disease. The idea offers tantalizing possibilities, some of the near future, and some of the present.

Immunity means freedom disease. (in the ancient Greek it was freedom from taxes). Our immune systems have the formidable task of protecting us from all of the assaults of our toxic environment and deficient food. We must deal with infections, some obvious and some hidden, like Epstein-Barr Virus, Lyme Disease, and countless others. We must deal with the toxicities in our “civilized” environment. Mercury, lead, cadmium, aluminum, and many other heavy metals, sometimes synergize against us with the estimated 87,000 man-made chemicals that have never been fully tested for toxicity. We have mold toxins if our home has water leaks that allow mold to grow. We have to deal with electromagnetic fields, cell phone, light pollution, and noise pollution. It seems improbable that any of us can survive for a short life, let alone a long and healthy life.

To address this mountain of health issues, we must be deliberate and calm. We have the knowledge to mitigate virtually every problem that comes along. We can achieve higher quality of life for a longer time than if we just ignore what is going on — in and out of our bodies.

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IE Radio Guest
Dr. Murray Susser M.D.
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