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Clarisa (a Sagittarius) has incorporated astrology into her visionary and intuitive abilities for the past fifteen years. She has found that what she terms Astrological INsights has produced a thorough and fresh approach for unlocking keys to the knowledge of the stars for her clients which include individuals and corporations.

An intuitive and visionary since childhood, she studied a variety of esoteric and metaphysical disciplines in order to receive guidance from The Divine and her angels about ways she could properly assist others. Clarisa has been featured in many books including: The Divine Blueprint by Robert Perala, Intangible Evidence by Bernard Gittelson, PSI Trek by Laile Bartlett, Mind Wars by Ron McCrea, and numerous books by Brad and Sherry Hansen Steiger, including Face to Face with the Unknown, Mother Mary Speaks to Us, and Our Shared World of the Supernatural. She has served as a consultant on intuitive character development for several television projects and has appeared on numerous television and radio talk shows.

Clarisa attained international recognition for her work with the United States Geological Survey (USGS) on earthquake prediction. Her documented accuracy was the highest among the 200 participants, the scientists involved, and the computers programmed to calculate future tremors. She has used her cognitive abilities to assist in search and rescue operations and taught the use of one’s sixth sense to law enforcement agencies. Clarisa's personal interests include angels, UFOs, unexplained phenomena and the practical use of herbs.

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Clarisa Bernhardt
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