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Hans Christian King is a true modern day mystic. He is an Intuitive Medium and Spiritual Teacher, who has been sharing his extraordinary talent of communicating with the realm of Spirit. Hans is a direct voice Medium and metaphysics expert, specializing in channeling and spirit communication. His ability to communicate with the realm of Spirit and work in partnership with his Guidance has helped over 50,000 clients in private readings over the last fifty years.

Gifted with the rare ability to bridge the gap between the physical and the spiritual worlds, Hans literally walks in both worlds. A very important part of his work is devoted to providing comfort to those who have lost loved ones, as he brings them powerful and personal messages from the other side.

In addition to working in individual sessions, Hans also teaches a wide range of classes, including topics such as Abundance, Sacred Relationships, and an intensive series of Intuitive Development classes. Hans believes that everyone is born with intuitive gifts that are too easily lost within the day to day tasks of our modern culture. A humble and compassionate man, Hans' is deeply committed to teaching others how to rediscover their own connection to Spirit in order to move forward on their unique spiritual paths.

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Hans Christian King
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