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"You have an amazing ability. Synchronistic events, (SE) happen when your inner and outer worlds seem to mirror each other. Your thoughts and feelings, your memories and experiences, are reproduced in the events around you as coincidences.

"It’s not just you with this ability, it’s everyone. This is not some world of science fiction or fantasy, you are doing it at this very moment. This seemingly magical ability goes largely unnoticed, unexplained and misunderstood. This ability is real. It’s not magic, but it is the core of most myths about magic."

- Dr. Kirby Surprise

Dr. Kirby Surprise received his Doctorate in psychology in 2007 from the institute for Integral Studies in San Francisco, his masters in psychodynamic and transpersonal psychology from John F. Kennedy University in 1988. Dr. Surprise received his license as a psychologist in 2009, and currently works in an advanced outpatient program for the state of California. The inspiration for his current writing comes from his lifelong experiences with synchronistic events and interests in psychology, metaphysics, philosophy, history and science.

About the Book: Synchronicity

An interesting mix of mythology, neuroscience, and common sense, this book takes a serious, but light-hearted, look at the way synchronicity works and the degree to which it can be controlled. Going well beyond the ideas of Jung, synchronicity’s discoverer, psychotherapist Dr. Kirby Surprise draws on anthropology, String theory, and Walt Disney to make the case that our internal states do effect external events, if only a small percentage of the time. He is trying to take the “magic” out of synchronicity, but he is also offering to make it a more useful tool in exchange. His premise is that we can all learn to have more control over the functioning of our brains, even the unconscious parts. He takes into account the laws of nature that many of us now take for granted, i.e. the Law of Gratitude. Say “Thank You!” to a synchronistic event and your brain will create more such events in your environment. It demonstrates that the person who perceives them causes these events, based on the activity of the mind. This book is loaded with science, but not weighed down by it. Surprise tells his tale in a conversational tone, illustrating his ideas with examples rather than lectures.

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Dr. Kirby Surprise
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