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Monte Farber was born in Brooklyn, NY. He studied comparative religion and became interested in astrology in 1974 when he met his future wife and artistic collaborator, Amy Zerner.

Farber's desire to make astrology understood and accessible to a broad audience led him to devise "Karma Cards: A Guide to Your Future through Astrology," having sold over 300,000 copies in twelve languages. Farber and Zerner went on to create books, book/card sets, and unique kits that also made other esoteric systems accessible, such as the tarot, alchemy, meditation, shamanism, psychic development, and relationships. Farber is now the world's foremost creator of interactive personal guidance systems. Monte has over two million copies of his 40 books, divination systems, DVDs and Meditation CDs published around the world in fourteen languages.

His best selling titles include Astrology Gems, The Tarot Discovery Kit, Chakra Meditation Kit, Karma Cards, The Enchanted Tarot, The Psychic Circle, Goddess Guide Me!, The Truth Fairy Pendulum Kit, The Soulmate Path, The Healing Deck and The Instant Tarot Reader. Monte has been a regular guest of FOX’s “The Strategy Room” with Alan Colmes.

Starting in 2008, Monte made uncannily accurate - more than 80% correct- psychic predictions about world events, the economy and specific stocks every few months on dated-for-verification video clips interviewed by Alix Steele for Jim Cramer's popular financial website His remarkable insights and down to-earth advice have been endorsed by leading visionary authors and company executives who use his unique skills as part of their important decision-making mix.

His latest book is Quantum Affirmations.

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Monte Fraber
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