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Bill Sweet was always interested in paranormal phenomena including the spiritual phenomena of prayer. His book, A Journey into Prayer, details his association with experience with Bruce and John Klingbeil (beil like biel long i) as they investigated scientific ways to test prayer and human consciousness to separate the effects of holy thought from random effects.

Their company Spindrift Research studied the positive effects, biased effects, and the dark effects coming from people’s prayers and applications of consciousness research in religion and science. Bill was brought up in Wilmette, Illinois and attended Illinois State University where he received a communications degree.

About the book: A Journey into Prayer

Prayer is an unrelenting mental input into our world. Billons pray about other people. Do we pray for what we need or what we want? Do we pray to win the lottery so no one else wins? Do we pray for the economy for our own benefit? Is there a secret in prayer? In the unprecedented book, A Journey Into Prayer, author Bill Sweet records the persecutions and triumphs of two spiritual healers who were harassed when they started the Spindrift Research team that developed scientific laboratory tests to measure the good and bad motivations of prayer and the effectiveness of prayer.

In A Journey Into Prayer, Sweet explores the adventures of Bruce and John Klingbeil as they investigated scientific ways to test prayer and human consciousness to separate the effects of holy thought from random effects. The Spindrift founders also studied the negative effects of prayer. The Spindrift research translated some spiritual experiences and religious language into the scientific language and experiments of our times, which ignited religious dynamite. The ensuing outrage was sparked when the Klingbeils tested people’s thoughts and prayers on plants and on random numbers forming into a pattern. Radio host Art Bell said, “The Klingbeils were involved in very controversial work… They might have opened a door they did not intend to open.” Deepak Chopra notes, “Sweet illustrates the explosive nature of aligning science and religion.”

Dubbed as “deep, enlightening, and disturbing,” “filled with dynamic discoveries,” and “the clearest explanation of the scientific basis of prayer” among others, A Journey Into Prayer is an original story of innovation and spirituality never told before. Sweet says, “The book might surprise readers that some prayers apparently have a scientific basis. Readers will find a way to analyze their true motives and agendas in prayer, who is best suited or not to hold a religious office, and how other people’s prayers for us might potentially affect us for good or ill. Different motives suggest that prayer can be either a blessing or a scourge for the Earth.”

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Bill Sweet
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