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Jules Williams enjoyed a traditional Welsh upbringing in Abergavenny, in the heart of the valleys. Born into a family of scientists who enjoyed rugby and outdoor pursuits, he was never directly encouraged to explore his spiritual side. However the beauty environment and natural energy of the Welsh countryside meant his affinity for the natural world, health, ecology and the organic flourished from an early age. Even though he was surrounded by the highly masculine and practical minded, he began to sense that he was connecting with the world on a deeper level.

Jules, as he grew, became a keen sportsman, playing to a county and national level, and knew that although he was highly academic, he wanted to pursue a career working on a physical level. He somewhat dubiously enrolled in University and left after four years with a Physical Education Teaching degree, something which meant he had studied in-depth not only the intricate physicality of the human body but also diet and psychology, something which would heavily inform his later work.

Still feeling as though he had not found his calling or realized his full potential, Jules took a sabbatical and embarked on a journey of spiritual discovery, traveling to areas of natural beauty and energy and Practicing, eventually becoming a black belt instructor. He found the meditation and discipline deeply enriching and revealing and as he progressed it further awakened him spiritually. He began to realize that mind and emotions are an integral part of success in the physical realm.

Jules’ natural thirst for knowledge and fascination with his developing skills meant he became well read in different analyses of the subconscious. Wanting to educate him self on a spiritual level, over three years he took a range of classes and courses, from meditation to emotional block clearing, and his intuitive skills developed rapidly.

Meanwhile Jules had began to work very successfully as a personal trainer but was noticing a pattern of repetitive problems through looking at the work of his peers and talking to his clients: they would start on a program of diet and exercise, lose weight and then put all of the weight back on again, sometimes repeating this process countless times. Jules had recognised that his connection with the subconscious and potential for psychic ability had been instrumental in his own sporting success and also noticed that, as he got to know clients, he could use his intuitive skills to tap into the underlying reasons behind their weight gain. Jules decided to become a leader, not a follower, and took the unique step of introducing spiritual development into his work with those clients who were open to his methods – and so was the inception of ‘The Weigh Forward’.

The lasting weight loss his clients began to achieve when he combined his knowledge of the physical and spiritual was phenomenal. He soon become renowned for his work and increasingly became in huge demand, not just as a personal trainer, but as an intuitive counselor. He set up his own studio to work with his clients on a 1:1 basis on emotional block clearing and expanded his method of subconscious therapy to deal with other issues such as relationship troubles and addictions.

As demands on his time increased, Jules traveled around the country, working out of some of the most prestigious establishments in the UK. His accuracy and success meant that Jules earned the respect of peers, clients and the media alike. He has also been recognised by the MOD and other respected organizations for his remote viewing and other intuitive abilities. His client list has grown to include many high profile names across the world, and some of the most pronounced weight losses noted in public figures have been down to Jules’ unique methods.

The Weigh Forward is a culmination of over 20 years of working with the mind, body and spirit. Jules has walked every trodden path in the weight loss world and found only dead ends. Through his development of subconscious therapy he has broken down these barriers to create an all-encompassing weight loss program which really does achieve what it promises – a lasting weight loss solution.

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Jules Williams
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