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A Rainbow of Expression

What we are

What we experience

What we can be

Is the reflection cast

By the human rainbow.

Just as there are seven levels of consciousness, seven ages of man, seven colors in the rainbow color spectrum, and seven notes on the Western musical scale, there are seven primary chakras in the human body. We cannot see the soul or measure the aura of human energy, nor can we measure these centers. But we know they exist. These centers are called chakras, translated from the Hindi to mean “wheels of energy.”

The chakras represent the subtle anatomy of human beings just as the physical organs represent the gross anatomy. The subtle and the gross are connected. There are seven endocrine glands, which correspond to the seven chakras. Therefore, our bodies (the vehicles through which we express ourselves) reflect the balance or the imbalance of subtle and gross anatomy. If the spiritual is out of kilter, ignored, or misused, it will show up in the physical - not the other way around! The physical (gross) is a reflection of the spiritual (subtle).

Western systems of thought, dedicated to “rational” provability, to the measurement of progress by the wonders of technological development, have lost recognition of the chakra wheels of energy. But the ancient Oriental masters were adept at this spiritual technology. Happily, this knowledge and understanding are finding new recognition in the West. Here is a summary of what I learned in my travels through India, the Far East, and the Himalayas.

According to the masters, the soul creates the body in accordance with the laws of the earth plane, in order to provide a “house” for itself in this physical dimension. The physical body thus gives the soul the opportunity to be focused in time and space. The chakras govern this physical reality because the seven centers of consciousness are the areas through which the human personality experiences itself. The chakras, then, are both a communicative, and a controlling link, connecting the soul entity (the Higher Self), the personality, and the body that the soul has created through which to express itself.

Since this human personality is the medium through which we communicate with one another, recognition of the chakras and the various energies they hold and connect to is essential to an understanding of what human expression in the physical is all about.

It was helpful for me to think of my body as a musical instrument inside of which were seven notes, seven different rates of vibration, and a spectrum of seven colors. If I played only one note or focused on one color all the time, my instrument would be monotonous and boring. But learning to work with all of the notes, colors, and vibrations created a harmonious kaleidoscopic work of art. I learned I could work with my musical instrument and play harmonious music for myself.

The seven chakras of energy are not in need of opening. They are always open, spinning, and in complete harmony. It is our minds that are closed and don’t recognize their harmonious importance and existence. Therefore, we don’t work to open the chakras; we work to open the mind to recognize the chakras. That is why the basic steps of meditation are so important.

Our personalities become a product of the recognition allowed by our minds of chakra “language,” or energy, and are rich or limited, open or closed, to the degree of that recognition. The more we work with the spiritual dimensions of our beings, the more we are conscious of the chakras, the more attuned and centered as human beings we become. When we attune the conscious mind to the spiritual energies of the chakras, the mind itself begins to expand with an awareness of its own higher consciousness. So it is through the chakras that we fully integrate mind, body, and spirit.

Our physical sciences look to biological and physiological patterns of data as the source of the human personality, but when we align our chakras we are integrating a memory of our soul’s experience, which allows our personality to manifest - make visible - the aspects that make it unique. The human personality then emerges as an expression of the soul: the body is merely the vehicle, or temple through which the soul incarnates and expresses itself.

Since the chakras are created with soul energy, when we attune to them we are attuning to the specialized centers that have shaped our characters and our natures each time we have entered the physical plane to learn and experience. The more we are attuned to the unique energies within our bodies, the more we can open our consciousness to the higher resource to which they are connected and of which we, and they, are a part.

The more we are connected to higher resources, the more infinite we become as human beings. Carl G. Jung claimed that the chakras were the gateways of consciousness in man, receptive points for the inflow of energies from the cosmos and the spirit and soul of man; that the chakras are always aligned with the Divine God energy because they are the creation of the soul.

The ancient masters claimed that good health depends upon the correct alignment and functioning of these seven etheric energy centers: that the union of spirit and matter manifests as consciousness in the physical, and the seven chakras govern how our consciousness is experienced in the physical body. How then to open the mind to the energies of the chakras?

Get comfortable and join me in a meditation to energize your chakra system.

Sit comfortably and take three deep breaths - one for mind - one for body - and one for spirit.

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Shirley MacLaine
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