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Maureen worked as a corporate leader most of her professional career. She brings 25 years of professional experience into her trainings and workshops and was formerly the president of several city-wide agencies. She was also president of an international society with over two thousand professional (doctor) members and has been a fund-raiser and lobbyist.

Today, Maureen is an innovative, modern spiritual teacher. She is a conscious channel to 5th Dimension and 11th Dimension, is a guide into the Akashic Records, and has used this medium to bring forth meditations for the masses and substantial information for a multitude of individuals.

Although Maureen is featured in Famous Wisconsin Mystics, she is best known as the facilitator of the MerKaBa, the meditation created by Drunvalo Melchizedek.

From Maureen:

I wanted to share what I had learned about connecting with the aspect of oneself that is Divinely tuned in, the Higher Self. Itís NOT a psychic connection but a spiritual knowing. Often I am asked, "Whatís the Higher Self?" It is the version of YOU that is fully plugged into God and knows everything thatís important to you, even what you donít know you need to know. Once you have that connection itís better than a personal assistant because it puts you exactly where you need to be for the optimum experience of life. It gives you information you need and allows you to maximize everything else you do. I also wrote the book to validate the experiences of the people who practice the meditation known as the Merkaba. This meditation is widely used and provides the most efficient (5 minutes long) and easy to learn meditations on the planet. It is easy to learn because the learner is remembering this ancient practice that is based on well known mathematical principles and creating their God connection.

Through my commitment to expanding consciousness, my experience in working with hundreds of people, and my dedication, I've been blessed to open the Akashic Records for thousands of individuals all over the world.

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Maureen St. Germain
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