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Our world today feels upside down. Daily stressors often feel overwhelming and bring about panic and anxiety disorders. But do those disorders have to be the end result? Judson Rothschild has a new book, Snap Out of It? A Quick Guide to Overcoming Panic and Anxiety, that says you don’t have to experience the crippling impact of such an attack.

Judson Rothschild, a lifestyle consultant, world renowned interior designer and leading furniture manufacturer, and author of Snap Out of It? A Quick Guide to Overcoming Panic and Anxiety. Based on his 20 year experience with panic and anxiety, Judson encourages his clients and readers to empower themselves through education by teaching a simple process that transitions one from a lifestyle of panic and anxiety to one of empowerment and peace. Judson is currently working on his second book “Get Over It? A Quick Guide to Overcoming Emotional Abuse, Physical Abuse and Sexual Abuse. Judson has been to the edge of the world and has discovered that it is not round.

About Snap Out of It?

What makes you think you’re qualified to write a book on Panic and Anxiety? You’re not a doctor or a medical expert. Why is anyone going to want to buy your book?

My answer to these questions is simple.

I possess one thing most of these doctors and medical experts do not. I have personally survived 20 years of Panic and Anxiety and I’m still standing. And believe me when I say it, I’ve earned the equivalent of a Masters Degree!

There are some wonderful books about Panic and Anxiety written by medical experts. I am not attempting to compete with them. You will not find case studies in this book, nor will you read hundreds of pages of dedicated documented research material.

Snap Out of It! A Quick Guide to Panic and Anxiety is exactly that. A Quick Guide. When you are in the throes of Panic and or Anxiety, you need easy access to useful information, and you want it fast. The sheer thought of looking at a 400 page medical book is daunting even when you are not having these issues.

Over the years, I have read hundreds of medical and self-help books. In the last few years I have discovered an alarming trend. If you use a highlighter when you read these books, by the time you are finished, you will discover only 10-to-20 pages have truly given you insight. The other 300 have been nothing but filler.

My concept in this book is very simple: to give the reader as much information as I can in fewer than one hundred and twenty pages, thus making it easier to start applying the tools right now…today.

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Judson Rothschild
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Berkeley to Beijing
In 1973, twelve-year-old Karen Boutilier travelled to Mao’s China with Shirley MacLaine to explore women's liberation. Before this extraordinary adventure, Karen navigated both family and political upheaval. She lived in communal strike houses, walked picket lines, and attended civil rights/anti-war marches and protest rallies. Karen stood up and fought for her right to determine her own destiny.

“There are two distinctive layers to this remarkable story. The first is a simple telling of one woman’s remembrances of childhood. Boutilier Kendall captures the love she felt for her family alongside her childhood traumas with grace and honesty. Though her life was extraordinary, readers will empathize with the loneliness and anxiety that she felt in her youth. The second layer of the book is a firsthand account of the social and political climate of the 1960’s and 1970’s.”
- Catherine Reed-Thureson, Clarion Book Reviews
Order your copy today!

Berkeley to Beijing

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