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Linda Howe is the author of the award-winning breakthrough book, How to Read the Akashic Records. Her second book, Healing Through the Akashic Records: Using the Power of Your Sacred Wounds to Discover Your Soul's Perfection is set for release early in 2011.

Linda is the founder and director of the Center for Akashic Studies, and the leading expert in the field of Akashic Studies. Specializing in the use of the Akashic Records for personal empowerment and consciousness development, she has successfully taught thousands to work in the Records as a spiritual practice since 1996. Widely regarded as a gifted teacher, Linda Howe is known for making spiritual ideas understandable and useful in the daily lives of her students, enabling them to experience the growth and transformation they seek.

With an international following of students from every walk of life: mystics, artists, writers, business professionals, academics, and healers, Linda is committed to empowering her students to recognize the Light within, and to know their own soul more than ever before. With a greater awareness of the truth, her students are more successful at living lives that demonstrate the universal goodness of the human soul.

Her views of the Akashic:

*The Akashic Records contain the vibrational records of each individual soul and its journey.

*Everyone is included the Akashic Records. Yes, everyone!

*There are two parts to each person's Records: The blueprint of your soul is immutable and never changes, and the dynamic story of your journey through time as a human being reflects your conscious evolution.

*Every person is entitled to access their own Akashic Records. The Records of another person can be opened only with their permission.

*“Akasha is a Sanskrit word, and means Primary substance, that out of which all things are formed.” Levi, The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ.

*The Akashic Record exists everywhere in its wholeness and is completely available in all places at all times.

*Accessing the Record can be extremely valuable. Your soul's very essence and expression, potential, and purposes can be seen. The Records can be a tool to assist you in manifesting your own Life Purpose.

*Being in the Akashic Records involves the transmission of energy first, followed by information.

*The purpose of accessing the Akashic Records is to dignify every person and situation.

*The Akashic Record is a profound spiritual resource accessible through a simple sacred prayer that will enable you to develop your own spiritual authority.

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Linda Howe
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