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Lyssa Royal Holt holds a B.A. in psychology and through this study developed an interest in hypnosis. While in college in the early 1980s, she acquired the ability to put herself in a hypnotic state for the purpose of stress management. It was then that she discovered her natural intuitive abilities.

In 1979 Lyssa had a remarkable UFO sighting witnessed by her family, followed by a series of sightings and contacts in the 1980s while living in Los Angeles. These experiences triggered a profound interest in the nature of extraterrestrial consciousness. Her interest in hypnosis, extraterrestrial consciousness, and spirituality eventually led her to the development of her unique channeling abilities. After receiving a message in a dream that she was to become a channel, and shortly thereafter beginning to spontaneously channel, she trained extensively to become the clearest channel she could become.

Since 1985 Lyssa has given seminars and sacred site tours for thousands around the world. She is the author of several books including Millennium: Tools for the Coming Changes, Preparing for Contact, Visitors from Within, and The Prism of Lyra. Lyssa has appeared on numerous television and radio shows internationally, the most recent of which was a special produced by the Discovery Channel that is currently airing worldwide and an episode of Paranormal Matrix called Making Contact.

She is also a certified teacher of Taoist and Hatha yoga and continues to write and travel around the world. She has found that her extensive yoga training dovetails nicely with both her channeling work and her contact research. Though her work may range from ancient civilizations to yoga to inner spirituality to extraterrestrial consciousness, the practical applications of her work remain the utmost priority. She lives in Arizona, USA with her husband Ronald Holt.

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Lyssa Royal Holt
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