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Easter Sunday is a special time for me and I would like to briefly share my thoughts with you on this day. I have not spoken directly to you before but I feel that it is important to express my thoughts on this day.

I hope you join me or tune into the archives.

I won’t have a guest this week and the program won't be a long one. This is just a short message from me.

This radio program will not alter the IE Radio schedule. Pepper and Gaia will be joining us on the 11th as planned. The chat scheduled tonight (April 4th) will take place in the member’s chat room at the scheduled time.

You can always listen to IE Radio as you chat. Log in on the homepage and click on Live Chat and launch the chat. Once the chat window opens move back to the Live Chat page and click on Broadcasts on the upper menu bar to access the show.

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Shirley MacLaine
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