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UFOs – A special call in program with renowned investigator, Lee Elders!

Lee Elders is an internationally acclaimed researcher into the phenomenon of UFOs. Since 1978 he has traveled the world examining the hard evidence that surrounds this enigma.

Lee is a seasoned professional investigator, a documentary filmmaker, with 8 titles on the subject, and a producer for television programming. He has produced UFO segments for Paramount, Fox, Televisa, Fugi Television, NTV, and BBC. In the early 90s he and Brit were contracted by Hollywood Pictures, Don Simpson and Jerry Bruckheimer’s company as consultants. Lee is the co-author of UFO…Contact from the Pleiades, a book that is discussed in Shirley’s new book, Sage-ing While Age-ing.

Lee was the lead investigator on the Eduard ‘Billy’ Meier Pleiadian contact case from 1978 to 1983. That case is probably the most controversial but also the most documented of all time. In 1991, he was called in by television journalist and host of Mexico’s 60 Minutes, Jaime Maussan to contribute his investigative expertise in the still on-going flap over Mexico. The Mexico flap has produced thousands of videos from everyday people. It has been headlines in the newspapers and lead stories on the evening news. Lee has been actively involved in that wave of activity since then.

If you have ever had a question about this phenomenon – this is the man to ask!

The toll free call in number is: 1-866-777-1077

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in Sacred Space
Symbolism is one way to connect to the sacredness of life and the sacredness in each other. For example: we know that gazing upon the OM symbol and toning OM helps us to re-connect to our Source while creating a soothing, balanced and blessing effect on our body, mind and Spirit as well as the energy surrounding us.

Now you can create Sacred Space in your home and in your life with an inspired line of Spiritual gifts from .

An original line of art, cards and T-shirts that feature their unique 'Designages' Designage is a word that created to better describe their concept of a mystical message woven into their original designs. They use a variety of symbols in their 'designages' including the OM symbol.

Choose from neutrally matted art - ready for you to customize or use as is and set on an easel to remind and inspire. also offers unique note cards for everyday use and special occasions, truly beautiful exclusive glass art, T-shirts and a variety of other products that are perfect for inspired gift giving. Available on line and in person at stores and studios.

Don't forget to check out their locations page for a store near you.

Whether you're choosing a gift for yourself or a gift for someone else...give more than a gift, give a Blessing. Visit us today!

in Sacred Space

Mellow Mutts
Mellow Mutts knows that we dog owners have very special relationships with our fur people. We want the very best for them. Mellow Mutts has created fabulous, “must have” products that are designed to enhance your dog's health & well being.

The objective of these alternative care products is to improve your dog’s quality of life, using effective natural ingredients. Their creations of vitamins, minerals & pure essential oils place these products ahead of the pack.

Everything your find at Mellow Mutts is all natural, holistic and organic.
Their products are biodegradable, not concentrated, and the shampoos are as close to tearless without being tearless.

They have an on-site Phd. chemist, and certified lab technicians, who have created the most therapeutic products available in today’s market. Using the finest ingredients and purest essential oils the Mellow Mutts’ aromatherapist has created a “TOP DOG” line of premier grooming supplies. Our aromatherapy grooming products help heal and invigorate your pooch in a fun and effective way. Visit their website today: or just click on the link on the radio page. Your fur person will love you for it!

Mellow Mutts

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