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Devra Ann Jacobs One of the most Influential "Now Age" leaders today. Many of you know Devra from our moderated chats with she and ArchAngel Michael.

This week we get to connect on a vocal level as well as an energetic level.

Since the age of 6 Devra has been communicating with ArchAngel Michael and in her teens began her personal journey of enlightenment.

After working at a newspaper she set about creating a magazine that would exemplify the "NOW" Age we live in. She founded and serves as editor-in-chief Mystic Pop Magazine ONLINE, the world's fastest growing publication in the Spirituality arena. Mystic Pop has gone green and is now available online - FREE of charge!

Devra is an author, speaker, businesswoman, and public relations specialist representing both mainstream and higher consciousness authors.


The toll free call in number is: 1-866-777-1077

This number is only active during our live broadcasts.

In order to access and hear our live programs you will need to have an MP3 player on your computer. If you don’t have one already, you can easily download a free player here:

MP3 Lite is adequate for this program and all future call in programs, but if you have a faster connection and want more whistles and bells, you can download bundle or full, which are both free but larger downloads. Scroll to the bottom of the page and download your free MP3 player.

Of course the program will be archived, but join in the energy of the moment and be there for this live call-in program.

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IE Radio Guest
Devra Jacobs
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