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Enlightenment doesnít always come in the form we expect it. It need not be a self-styled guru or a complicated contraption measuring some mysterious quality. Sometimes itís as close as the chocolate lab bounding happily through the backyard, or the feisty terrier contentedly curled up on oneís lap for a nap. In the foreword to this thoughtful, wonderfully illustrated gift book, Dr. Bernie Siegel says, "Dogs are healers. . . . They seem to have figured out how to live beautifully so much better than we humans have." Loosely modeled on 1980ís underground classic The Lazy Manís Guide to Enlightenment, this charming book celebrates the simple wisdom and that special combination of natural earthiness and subtle spirituality that characterizes humankindís best friend. Distinctive black-and-white dog images by acclaimed photographer Zackary Folk are accompanied by captions of down-to-earth spiritual wisdom ďfromĒ the dogs to their often confused "owners".

Andrea Hurst is a literary agent, editor, and author. For more than twenty years, Andrea has worked with many authors in the areas of self-help and spirituality, including bestselling author and animal rights advocate Dr. Bernie Siegel on his award winning childrenís book, Smudge Bunny. She has been an active supporter of many animal charities, including Best Friends Animal Society and the Humane Society of the United States. Andrea lives in Northern California with her ever-entertaining duo of miniature dachshunds, Basil and Chloe.

Beth Wilson works with nonprofit organizations doing fundraising, marketing, and program management. For Andrea Hurst & Associates, Beth works as a developmental editor and book evaluator for authors and publishers. She has a degree in English with a focus on nineteenth-century British literature. Beth lives in Northern California and supports several local animal charities, such as the ASPCA. One of her deepest yearnings is for a little brown Yorkie named Phoebe.

This should be a fun show for all pet lovers!

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