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"A person of power attains their goal and remains whole as a person. To truly have power, you must first love yourself enough to stay in your own center of truth."

- Lynn Andrews

The newest release of the acclaimed work Medicine Woman couldn’t come at a better time. The author of this groundbreaking story, Lynn Andrews, explains in the book’s new introduction why Medicine Woman is even more urgently needed today, “there are still countries where women are stoned if males do not accompany them in public, and everywhere women’s bodies are brutalized for what is in actuality their innate sacred beauty.” Her book is a solace and an inspiration to anyone looking to awaken the power of the feminine in their life.

Andrews has been working for decades to help people reach their full potential as they tap into their spiritual selves. She has traveled across the world to learn from wise women – shamans -- on three continents. Andrews has gathered that power, intuition and knowledge to guide millions with her books, workshops and classes.

Her lessons are a joy, illustrated by her adventures staring down wolves, hiking through jungles, and fighting to preserve the ancient teachings she seeks. Her books are filled with humor and suspense.

Considered a preeminent teacher in the field of personal development, Lynn Andrews is a 21st Century shaman whose words reflect her path, a path of heart. For fifteen years, women and men from all over the world have gathered with Lynn for her annual Joshua Tree four-day retreat. In 1994, The Lynn Andrews Center for Sacred Arts and Training (Mystery School) was created. This program is a unique mystery school designed to integrate the sacred into every aspect of life. The curriculum offers a four-year professional certification program. Bachelor's, Masters, and Doctorate Degrees are available.

Andrews' work explore the ancient teachings taught by the Sisterhood of the Shields which embrace the study of global shamanic cosmologies and sacred art technologies. It is her intention that through this work we understand how all that is sacred in life weaves together within our world. Throughout time, shamans have practiced the art of choreographing energy in a nonlinear field. Shamanic knowledge and practice is at the very heart of creation. As 21st Century shamans we learn to create a sacred circle in which we transform our ordinary life into a life of power.

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Lynn Andrews
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