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Life is a Bowl of Cherries
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June Cline has been demonstrating resilient thinking her entire life. From running away at age 5 because she couldn’t play in her brand new Easter shoes to running to herself at age 50 after having a mid-life “knowing,” and moving 2000 miles from family and friends to begin a new life in Phoenix, AZ, June has lived through recovering and adjusting to change. She walks her talk.

Author of helpful and humorous books and audio products, June is a Certified Speaking Professional and a Certified Six Advisors Coach. Through the scientifically proven Six Advisors Assessment, June can show us how we think and if our thoughts are supporting or sabotaging our success. “The squirrels inside your head” as she affectionately calls them “can drive ya nuts…until you learn how to name ‘em and tame ‘em.”

Formerly an expert from the college and financial industries, June is also the founder and CEO of her company. June is passionate about humor, Harley’s and houses. She is also passionate about proving that with resilient thinking, humor prevails within the human spirit.

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In 1992 Brandon Bays was diagnosed with a football sized tumor and found herself catapulted into a remarkable, soul searching and ultimately freeing healing journey. Only six and a half weeks later, she was pronounced textbook perfect - no drugs, no surgery, no tumor. From her personal experience she pioneered a unique process called The Journey, which helps people to experience profound emotional and physical healing at a cellular level. Her book 'The Journey - A roadmap to the Soul' quickly became an International Bestseller.
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