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Dr. David R. Hawkins is a nationally renowned psychiatrist, physician, researcher and lecturer, as his listing in Who's Who in America amply attests. He has been a guest of MacNeil/Lehrer, Barbara Walters and The Today Show. His previous book, Orthomolecular Psychiatry, co-authored with Nobelist Linus Pauling, sold out completely. By the end of 1995, word-of mouth sales of POWER vs. FORCE were increasing by ten per cent a week.

POWER vs. FORCE is the culmination of twenty years' research. In it, David Hawkins conclusively proves the ability of kinesiological testing to distinguish truth or falsehood in any statement—an astonishing idea in itself, with far reaching implications for every aspect of human life. He goes on to demonstrate the application of his method (explained clearly for the layman) in commerce, art, sport, etc. Then he explains its spiritual application, as a path to enlightenment.

Beyond this, Dr. Hawkins demonstrates kinesiological calibration as a tool for assessing value and motive, revealing the hidden determinants of human behavior—and establishing a Map of Consciousness that illuminates the spiritual ladder we must follow as a race and as individuals.

From Dr. Hawkins:

All human endeavor has the common goal of understanding or influencing human experience. To this end, man has developed numerous descriptive and analytical disciplines: Morality, Philosophy, Psychology, and so on....Regardless what branch of inquiry one starts from - philosophy, political theory, theology-all avenues of investigation eventually converge at a common meeting point: the quest for an organized understanding of the nature of pure consciousness... To explain that which is simple can be difficult indeed. Much of this book is devoted to the process of making the simple obvious. If we can understand even one simple thing in depth, we will have greatly expanded our capacity for comprehending the nature of the universe and life itself.

Join me and Dr. Hawkins this Sunday and explore the extraordinary!

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The direct connection to your optimal self!

This is what happens when you wear the QLink Pendant:

It, in effect, communicates with your body's own energy, which become more refined, clarified and strengthened. So that when you get put under stress (particularly the stress created by the man-made electricity from mobile-phones, computers etc.) you can cope more effectively and external forces will not disrupt your own energy. You have more resilience and resistance.

The result is that people who wear the QLink will have more energy, be less prone to suffer from headaches and sleep better.

It is the modern day antidote to modern day living.

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