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Join us for a Channeling with medium Rochelle Sparrow, Psychic Trance Channel, MSW, LCSW

Suffering from acute post traumatic stress disorder and clinical depression, Rochelle Sparrow at age 25 intended to get help. Her socio pathic stepfather had just died. What occurred was entry into a lifelong process of rethinking and reorganizing a personality that had been dissolved through childhood trauma. Living in New York, she embarked in conventional therapeutic treatment and studied to become a mental health professional. When this treatment avenue proved unsatisfying, she began a mystifying journey into the unseen dream time of Jungian analysis and shamanic journeying. In the woods of the Adirondacks, studying with shamans, she began her encounters with the parts of herself that spoke with the unknown. The journey with spirits had just begun.

Upon a shamanic vision of an Eagle resting upon a Saguaro, Rochelle left for Arizona. There she encountered spiritualists who told her she was a psychic trance channel. Wanting to know more, she followed her vision. She entered the desert. There she encountered a woman, her hair cropped, guarding an ancient Hohokam site. Given permission telepathically to enter the sacred space, Rochelle encountered her first trance channeled evidence that her spirit guides were authentic.

Rochelle has since lived from another subset of mind, altered by trance, where time and conscious awareness is jolted from third dimensional reality. From this place of magical connections, Rochelle speaks to guidance. Her guidance has helped her recover and provide sessions to countless others to heal psychological, physical disorders, connect to past life information and gain clarity in becoming energies to empower and free the Self. Continuing to reside in Phoenix, AZ, she has appeared on television shows, Letís Talk Paranormal and The Pat McMahon Show, has written hundreds of trance channeled articles published in the Sedona Journal of Emergence, Mystic Pop, Magical Blend and several internet ezines, been on radio shows including the Doug Stephans Show, Shirley Maclaine Show, The X Zone and numerous others across the United States Canada and the world, teaches across the country through the Learning Annex, hosts a radio show, The Rochelle Sparrow Connection, helped bring a production company into existence through spiritual guidance, Spirit Productions in connection with Peter Coyote, and channeled a book, JFK is Still Alive.

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