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Have you ever heard of the hollow Earth theories? Dianne Robbins, this week's IE Radio guest, has written several books on the subject and will help us better understand the possibilities of beings that inhabit the interior of our planet.

As a child, Dianne used to stand outside and look up at the night sky, and wonder where, in the starry heavens above, was her home. In 1990, when she was listening to music of the Moody Blues, and heard their song "I Know You're Out There Somewhere," she was suddenly flooded with memories and instantly knew there was a whole other world out there, just waiting to communicate. She began a process of meditation that reawakened the remembrance that she was a telepathic receiver and transmitter for the Inner-Earth terrestrials and cetaceans.

Dianne tapped into the cosmos and connected to the cetaceans (whales and dolphins), Adama in the subterranean city of Telos, Mikos in the Hollow Earth, the Ascended Masters, the Ashtar Command of the Confederation of Planets, nature spirits and trees. With a new sense of purpose, Dianne has dedicated her life to receiving, transcribing, and publishing the telepathic transmissions from beings residing in higher realms of consciousness with a goal of spreading these messages in hopes of awakening surface humans to the existence of those that inhabit the oceans, subterranean realms, and hollow Earth.

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