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During Sonya's upbringing in England, she acquired her deep love for animals starting with her terrier, Judy. They grew so close that as Judy grew older, Sonya could actually feel in her own body the aches and pains her dog was experiencing. Some of Sonya's best friends at that time were three geese her father had given her to raise. When the geese were nine months old, her father killed them to serve as Christmas dinner, and Sonya finally realized that other people did not have the same feeling for animals that she did. Traumatized by the death of her friends, Sonya deliberately shut off her ability to communicate telepathically with animals, determined to protect herself from the heartbreak.

At the age of 17, Sonya pursued a fashion and modeling career in London. She worked in all the major fashion capitals in Europe, appeared frequently on television, and modeled for many noted designers. In 1991, she moved from London to the United States where she presently resides with her husband, cat and seven dogs.

Sonya's telepathic abilities were renewed after a spiritual experience in 1994; Sonya reopened her channels of telepathic communication with animals. Beginning with her own pets, Sonya used her skills to communicate with animals of all kinds to help achieve a better understanding of them, so that she could help to solve behavioral problems and to help with their physical ailments. She has also helped many individuals reunite with lost pets.

"What the Animals Tell Me" is Sonya's latest book. In it she reveals the secrets of the animal world - and teaches you how to learn the telepathic language that animals understand. Along with practical information on care and feeding, emergency preparedness, illness, moving, and introducing new pets to the household, Sonya shares her seven simple steps to communicating with your pet. You'll gain a deeper understanding, improve your relationship, and even stop behavioral problems before they start.

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