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Jean Houston and Shirley continue the theme of animals from previous Sunday's program, specifically dogs, and how important they are as teachers in our life. Jean is the best-selling author of books about the power of myth. In her book, Mystical Dogs, she shows us how animals, and dogs in particular, can help restore us to our natural condition of oneness with nature. Animals have always been a focus of our spiritual yearnings from the Egyptians who sculpted humans with animal heads to the ancients who painted magnificent tableaux of animals in the caves of southern Europe to honor those "still part of the sacred flow of Nature."

Today, as technological change isolates us, many seek to reconnect with spirit and nature. The mystic path, once the province of the few, has now become the quest of the many. Houston, who has spent a lifetime bridging these two worlds, shares stories of her life with dogs and how they have shown her and can show us "who and what we really are."

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