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Clarisa Bernhardt is the only person to ever predict an earthquake with the day, the location, the magnitude to the minute of the event. It was the November 28th, 1974, Thanksgiving Day quake in central California which she forecast precisely on her radio show "Exploration" in San Jose, Calif. Her prediction was acknowledged and documented with local newspapers and the police department. As a result the United States Geological Survey in Denver, Colorado, set up a specific program, under the direction of Dr. John Derr, to investigate the potential of psychic earthquake prediction. Of some 200 participants in the program, Clarisa was the only one who showed a significant consistency in her forecasts, and, according to the USGS scientist, she was the leader in the predictions, beating out other individuals, as well as, scientists and a computer.

She has further demonstrated the practical use of ESP by assisting in the location of lost people during the late 1970's and 1980's Clarisa was an active member of the San Jose, California Search and Rescue Team. As a member, by popular request, she taught classes at Search & Rescue Seminars on using "The Hunch Factor" and putting the sixth sense to work to cut down on location time of lost people. Many areas of law enforcement were in attendance at the Search and Rescue Seminars from throughout the nation including the U.S. Border Patrol, the FBI, the California Highway Patrol, The San Bernardino Calif. Sheriff's Training Division. Although she has backed off from the intense vibration of some missing people, she is no less sensitive to assisting in these areas under special conditions. They have successfully used her methods. She is credited with finding five lost people alive.

Clarisa Bernhardt's visionary and intuitive abilities are quite versatile and cover a wide area of interest. She is a popular speaker at universities and conferences. Her interest in the field of intuition is far reaching and she explores many subjects including the possibilities of time travel, UFOs, other worlds and unexplained phenomena. She has served as a consultant in intuitive character development on several television projects and has been a guest on numerous television shows and currently serves as a consultant to presidents of several international businesses and More recently she was a featured speaker at the International UFO Congress Convention and Film Festival in Laughlin, Nevada.

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Clarisa Bernhardt

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