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Glynda-Lee Hoffmann has been involved in extensive study of the Qabalah for over twenty-five years and is a leader in the field of Genesis mythology.

We have interpreted the beginning of the Book of Genesis in a simple historical way that tells us that Eve was created from Adam's rib and, after eating the forbidden fruit of the Tree of Knowledge, was responsible for the Fall of humans and their expulsion from the Garden of Eden. But is Eve's subservience to Adam and her responsibility for the 'Fall' the true picture of this first woman?

This book presents a revolutionary interpretation of an old story. Using her lifelong study of the Qabalah along with current scientific understanding of the four cortexes of the human brain, Glynda-Lee Hoffmann shows that the story of the Garden of Eden is actually an instruction manual that explains our biological imperative for transcendence and wholeness - and that Eve's contribution to meeting this imperative is essential.

Adam represents the human with a fully developed neocortex. He is outward looking, intellectual, capable of assessing the world, of labeling all he sees around him. But it is Eve's dowry - the inner world of the feminine and the function of the brain's frontal lobes - that makes Adam complete.

Eating the fruit opens Eve's eyes to inner awareness - a "feminine" awareness that "every possible possibility" is within us.

Eve promotes balance and wholeness through her ability to integrate the feminine and masculine aspects of human awareness. Understanding Eve's role in the development of consciousness is the key to empowering ourselves and restoring wholeness to our world.

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