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John Cord was raised by nonreligious parents whose "religion" was that of working hard, taking responsibility, being fair-minded, and showing respect for others. His childhood took place in Yokohama, Japan, where he was educated in a Catholic school, as it was the best English-speaking school in the area. For five years, from first through fifth grades, he was repeatedly told that he was going to hell because he was not a Catholic. Even at such a young age, John felt that God existed (though He was not a topic of discussion in his family), and knew that He didn't care if a person was a Catholic or not. The issue of “going to hell” was so distressing to him, even into adulthood, that his passion for understanding God led him to the arduous work of reading and studying the Bible on his own.

John discovered it to be not only the most unbelievably awesome book of interconnected and parallel stories, but discovered that all of its stories boil down to God's Message of the Spirit. The Bible is clearly not about separatist, judgmental, manmade religions, but is an instruction to us about living in His Spirit (the Spirit of Selfless Goodness). His Spirit cares not if you are Catholic or Atheist or whatever, but only that you live to exemplify and grow in His Spirit the best you can with each passing day.

John is an independent scholar of the Bible, not beholding to any manmade religion, never having been indoctrinated into any of them. Betrayal of God is his third book, and was written to enlighten humanity to the Bible's all-embracing Message of the Spirit, a message that Judaism, Christianity, and Islam refuse to exemplify and teach. Betrayal of God exposes the lies perpetuated by Christian leaders (Billy Graham, Robert Schuller, Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, and 35 others) regarding such subjects as salvation, tithing, Christian supremacy, abortion, homosexuality, priest pedophilia, religious terrorism, and idolatry. The never-ending battles in the Middle East between Judaism, Christianity, and Islam will never be reconciled unto peace until these three global religions "get on the same page" with regards to God's Message of the Spirit.

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