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Robert M. Oates is the author of a dozen books and has lectured on four continents. He graduated from USC summa cum laude, and then earned an MA in American History from UCLA. During this education process he learned transcendental meditation and his education turned to the field of consciousness and human enlightenment, which included several years of study with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. In the past decade, Oates has worked for the Institute of Science, Technology and Public Policy, under the direction of Harvard-trained physicist John Hagelin, as a policy fellow focusing on health care, election finance reform, and conflict resolution.

According to Oates terrorism and war can be stopped, but not by more weapons, peace talks, or treaties to be broken. Rather, long-term research has now defined an alternative approach, the technology of peace. This approach uses methods that are subjective and consciousness-based - including meditation technologies known and preserved for thousands of years in the timeless Vedic tradition of India.

Here are his views on the cause of chaos and the solution to moving beyond the problem:

The Cause: in Vedic understanding, all types of social violence and warfare have an underlying origin, namely social stress and tension, the fear and hostility between fractions, nations, religions, and even competing civilizations. And it is the chaos in the collective consciousness of any given nation, and the world as a whole, that breaks out as violent crime, warfare, and terrorism.

The Solution: The "Peace Technology" is "wireless," and is used in the same manner of radio waves or a cell phone, to calm a body, or a planet. In place of a radio station, this technology makes use of the most richly complex technological device ever created: the human brain. The technology works regardless of rather it is used by one individual or a group, however, recent new studies have shown that large groups of meditators, gathered together with the intent to benefit the society around them, create the same calming effect in the wider community. As the attendance numbers at said assembly increase, violent crime, warfare, and terrorism decrease.

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