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Judy Meyer has been changing the lives of pets and their people as an intuitive animal communicator since 1990. With over 800 clients throughout the United States, Canada, England, Switzerland, Italy, Mexico, and Germany, Judy works with an open heart and generosity of spirit that enable animals and their people to understand and overcome physical and psychological difficulties.

Though an animal lover her entire life, Judy was, at first, a reluctant believer in intuitive communication with animals until the inexplicable illness of one of her beloved cats, Gray Cat, moved her past her own barriers. Wanting very much to help Gray, she called Penelope Smith, a highly regarded animal communicator in California. To her surprise, and delight, Judy found that Penelope could indeed hear Gray. As Judy states, "It was the awakening of all awakenings."

After much inner work and practice, Judy slowly began working with clients. Soon, however, her reputation as a skilled and sensitive animal communicator spread throughout Santa Fe. She began writing articles which were published nationally and abroad in such periodicals as SEDONA, Journal of Emergence!, Equine Health, SPECIES LINK, Journal of Interspecies Telepathic Communication, and The Southwest Horseman. Word of mouth and the publication of her articles led to a thriving international practice that, as Judy puts it, "brings joy and inner peace that comes with knowing you have found your purpose in life."

In 1997, she was featured in the book, Communication with Animals, by Arthur Myers. Judy's own book, The Animal Connection, A Guide to Intuitive Communication with Your Pet was published in June of 2000 and soon after, she enjoyed a successful, national book tour. Judy has appeared on many television talk shows and has been the featured guest on numerous radio programs as well as the subject of several newspaper interviews. She has a two-part video that is shown on local cable television around the United States.

At the present time, she is lecturing, holding workshops, and working on her book about animals as catalysts for people to access their highest nature. Judy lives in Ashland, Oregon with her beloved and well known dog, Duke, the excellent, Blue-Point Siamese cat, Teal, and the beautiful, rarely seen, Princess Suki.

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