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Colin Andrews is a well-known researcher and author and is widely acknowledged as the world expert on the crop circle phenomenon. He is the founder of Circles Phenomenon Research International, the first organization established specifically to investigate the crop circle phenomenon. His scientific investigations are responsible for much of the current information available on the subject.

Andrews is an electrical engineer by profession and a former senior officer in the British Government. For three years Colin advised the British Government on the crop circle phenomenon, supplying technical and scientific reports to the Under-Secretary of State for the environment (Rt. Hon. Nicholas Ridely, M.P.) in the Margaret Thatcher cabinet. As a result of his persistence, the subject was raised in the House of Commons.

Andrew's supervised the largest surveillance project of its kind during 1990, called 'Operation Blackbird'. It was an effort to film a crop circle forming, backed and supported by the British Army, B.B.C. and Nippon television and was watched closely by the international media.

Colin Andrews became involved in the circle mystery during 1983 when he saw an arrangement of five circles in a natural amphitheater near Winchester, England. Intrigued by the engineering aspects of creating the circles he began investigations with Pat Delgado, a retired NASA engineer. In 1989, they co-authored 'Circular Evidence', the first book written on the subject, which became an international best seller and was chosen by Queen Elizabeth for her prestigious 'Summer Reading Listing'. It was the first time a book covering such a subject had ever been chosen by the monarchy for this listing. This was followed by their equally successful book: 'Crop Circles: The Latest Evidence', in 1990.

Andrews has appeared on numerous well known television and radio programs around the world including '60 Minutes', '20-20', 'Good Morning America', 'Sightings', 'Unsolved Mysteries', 'Coast To Coast with Art Bell', 'Histories Mysteries', BBC's Daytime Live', 'The Ray Martin Show' and many more. He has lectured extensively to a wide range of audiences including the special interest 'S.E.A.T.' group at the United Nations, and 'The Hakui Museum' in Japan.

He was awarded the New Heaven New Earth 'Toby Award' for his 'honesty and perseverance in the face of adversity' during his research of the so-called 'Oliver's Castle' video, claimed by many to show UFO's making crop circles.

He has acted as consultant to several European research institutions and also to well-known anthropologist and US congressman, Laurence Rockefeller in New York. He has been instrumental in the crop circle subject appearing on the wide screen. The British movie 'A Place To Live' has been born out of his first video 'Undeniable Evidence'. Andrews acted as adviser and appeared as himself in some scenes.

His work continues, with growing urgency for openness and honesty in government and private research. He is currently active in promoting environmental awareness and education as well as continuing crop circle research to a conclusion.

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