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An international spokesperson for Cayce's organization (A.R.E.), one of Kevin's most recent books, Soul Development: Edgar Cayce's Approach for a New World, details how each individual is constantly co-creating their enfolding life experience. He is also the author of the two A.R.E. Press bestsellers. Edgar Cayce on the Akashic Records explores the primary source of Cayce's information as well as how individuals frequently obtain insights from their past lives, their present experiences, and their unfolding futures. Already in its fifth printing, Edgar Cayce on Soul Mates covers the many facets of soul mate relationships and soul attraction discussed by Cayce and includes a discussion of contemporary relationship examples.

Kevin is also a nationally recognized resource on the interpretation of dreams and symbolism, his master's thesis, The Ark Myth, dealt with approaching the symbology and archetypal imagery of the Great Flood story from Traditional, Rabbinical, Historical, Psychological, and Transpersonal Perspectives. His definitive book on dream symbolism, The Encyclopedia of Symbolism, examines more than 2,500 dream images and symbols and 10,000 interpretations. Kevin has spoken to thousands of people on five continents, helping individuals learn how they can gain practical and insightful information from their own dreams. His newest book on dream interpretation, Dream Interpretation (and More) Made Easy, discusses ways in which individuals can learn to interpret dreams for themselves, as well as "conscious dreamplay" - the method of obtaining intuitive guidance from your imagination.

A prolific writer, Kevin has authored many articles and publications, including, An Overview of the Edgar Cayce Material, The Edgar Cayce Ideals Workbook, Edgar Cayce's ESP, Edgar Cayce on the Reincarnation of Famous People, Edgar Cayce on the Reincarnation of Biblical Characters, The Persian Legacy and the Edgar Cayce Material and many video scripts, including The Edgar Cayce Legacy, an introductory video on the life and work of Cayce, which he also produced. One of his most popular books, Twelve Lessons in Personal Spirituality, presents an overview of the Edgar Cayce material on personal growth and transformation. Used by spiritual discussion groups throughout the country, it received a "highly recommended" rating from the Library Journal and has also been translated into Spanish and Romanian.

A frequent guest on media programs, he has appeared on dozens of radio programs, including The Art Bell Show, often interpreting dreams "on the air." He has also appeared on news and cable programs, including The New Millennium and is an instructor of "Dreams and Meditation" for the Cayce/Reilly School of Massotherapy.

In addition to countless programs throughout the United States, he has also spoken and led tours in France (1999), Ecuador (1997), Egypt (2000, 1997, 1994, 1993, 1992, 1990), Israel (1997, 1994), Greece (1992), and Japan (1993, 1992). He was also instrumental in helping to found and organize the Edgar Cayce Center in Japan.

A frequent lecturer on many subjects, including dreams, the nature of co-creation and ideals, the Akashic Records, personal relationships, and intuition, Kevin lives with his wife, Mary, in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

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